The Misty Mountains Color Grading Tutorial Davinci Resolve

The Misty Mountains Color Grading Tutorial Davinci Resolve. Just want to point out that this tutorial is not related to the Lord of The Rings. I just like that name, and yes mountains were misty! I went today with family and little nephews out to Mountain Laguna, rumor on the street was that there is still some snow there. Since I failed last couple attempts to film something for you guys, I couldn’t miss this opportunity. As I am typing this, half way sleepy, it’s 12:35 am, today is the last day of 2016. I want to say thank you all for watching my videos and your support. This is going to be my last tutorial this year, but no worries, I will be back in no time next year! Enjoy attached footage! Shot on Blackmagic Pocket Camera Raw. Glass Sigma 18-35 at F16. No ND, so there is zero IR contamination. Happy New Year! Be Safe!



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Aram K