Please contact me for information regarding your photography needs. Every project I photograph is unique. I don’t use same locations for my clients. Once you contacted me via email (preferred) or phone call, I can provide you with an accurate quote.


Makeup and wardrobe are extremely important. I recommend getting your makeup done in the professional salon. If you like to have a makeup artist on set, please let me know ahead of time. I have a good professional that I been working with and who masters of their craft. Please note that makeup artist has their own rates. If you decide to apply your own makeup, please make sure not to cover your skin pours with powdery products. Once you cover your skin pores, it is impossible to bring back details and fix it later. It will result in low-quality photographs.

Wardrobe plays a major role in photography. Especially if you planning on building a modeling portfolio, or shooting fashion. Please make sure to send me images of your wardrobe during the booking session. Location and time of the shoot may very depend on the wardrobe.


A photoshoot is very fun and relaxed. When I shoot I don’t set an alarm clock like many photographers do. It’s frustrating and unprofessional. Typical photoshoot may last between one hour to three hours, depending on many factors. If you shooting headshots, it is much shorter than that, as headshots are pretty much straight forward.


All payments are due at the end of a photo session. No exceptions. I accept CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, VENMO. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.


Within 48 Hours of our photo session, you will via email download link to small size photographs from our photoshoot. Select images you like and provide me last 4 digits of images filenames that you selected. All your selected images will be ready for delivery within 5 business days from your selection.


Only retouched photographs will be included in your final delivery. If you like to purchase more photos for retouching you can contact me directly.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me