Harsh reality of photography business

The harsh reality of the photography business that you probably didn’t expect to hear. Well to be blunt the reality is that nobody cares about your pictures. Nobody cares who you do a photo shoot with, nobody cares about your editing style. Nobody cares about what you do. Market of creative talents is way over saturated, and to be bluntly honest, unfortiantly most of those people are not that great. With the digital medium, almost everyone has now been able to buy professional DSLR and snap vivid photos. Cost is going down so as the pay. You probably think, well skills that’s what make you different, well not really I say. There is a lot of skilled photographers are out there. Supply is high, but demand is low. As what I personally notices, now days it’s not even about how good of a quality your work is, it’s all about online presence. Huge amount of photographers trending like crazy on Instagram with terrible contrasted photos and smoke bombs in one hand. Photography is not in high demand as once used to be. Cellphones, and affordable cameras are saturating markets with bloggers, self proclaimed professional photographers and other creative talents. People are so used to seeing all kinds of content, that you got to be completely different in order to get some media attention. It’s not all that bad. There is still place for you, don’t worry ! Just a heads up, that’s just a good skill, and ability to edit your photos, no longer enough to break through in the industry. Create content that people want to see. Don’t follow the same trends like other photographers do, what you may think looks cool, is overused and annoying for many. Do your homework and create something that matters ! It’s all about being unique !

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Aram K

Photographer, Cinematographer, DI Colorist at FILM LUT
Fashion, Portrait and Commercial Photographer.
DI Freelance Film Colorist.
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