Why you should calibrate your display

I came across a heated debate over Facebook few days ago, whether the photographer should calibrate screen or not. It made me realize how many people are truly clueless about one of the most essential steps in photography. If you are shooting for Instagram, maybe you are going to be ok using your Uncalibrated display, but if you are doing professional work, there is no way around it. So what is calibrated for? Monitor calibration tool is used to accurately balance colors, contrast and brightness of your monitor. Depending on how advance your monitor is, the results can be really dramatic. All you need before purchasing calibration tool, is to make sure your display is IPS and supports at least 100% sRGB color space. Ideally 100% Adobe RGB, but those monitors can be very expensive and most likely if you use such monitor you won’t be reading this article. There are 2 great affordable companies out there for display calibration. One is SPYDER and another one is COLORMUNKI. Both of them run about $150 dollars, or you can find one on ebay even way cheaper if it’s an older model. Share your experience with display calibration in comments section.

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Aram K