3 Most important things in your camera bag

3 Most important things in your camera bag that you can’t leave your house without are:

  1. Camera body, this is no brainier of course, believe it or not, leaving your camera home while half way to your gig is a very common occurrence. Like many of us, you probably play around with your camera before your next gig, checking settings and other important stuff. Make sure, that after you done inspecting your gear, it goes in your gear bad. As stupid as it sounds people make those silly mistakes all the times. So make sure you got that double checked.
  2. Lenses. Another pretty straight forward item always been left alone on the desk while taking off to the next gig. Make sure you have your lenses packed, and cleaned. Keep them away from sunscreens and other greasy substances as you may not have a luxury to clean them properly while performing your gig. My solid rule all the times, if you or any of your crew members applying sunscreen, stay away from the gear as far as possible. The greasy nature of lotions and creams like this, may permanently damage the lens and ruin your gig.
  3. Batteries ! And better lots of them ! I know tons of photographers who goes out on the gigs with only one battery. They are claiming that its OEM battery and lasts forever and blah blah blah. As it may be true, OEM batteries do last at least twice longer as their cheap Chinese knock offs, when it comes to batteries you never can be sure. Batteries die a lot of times for no reason. You may have fresh, new battery, and it will die on you next day. It’s a shame that if this happens in the middle of the shoot somewhere in the remote location and you only brought one. It’s going to make you look like a jackass and potentially ruin your gig. Always have 3-5 spare batteries in your bag, even if they are Chinese knockoffs. They are cheap and will insure that if something happens, you going to have some kind of back up. Coming from cinematography world, I had plenty of expensive few hundred dollars batteries die on me in the middle of the shoot for no reason. It’s something you can’t always predict.

As I just covered what I think most important items to have in the gear bag, I am going to explain it little more. Those are no brainer basic camera essential. If your initial idea includes to photograph something fancy, but it happened that you forgot the rest of your gear, you can still make amazing work with just functional camera. It’s very important to be covered at least on the basic level.

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